A warm welcome

Come and visit us, taste wine and experience real winemaking. From March 2024 in the brand new winery.

Our roots

Old and new

In our new winery, a new building connects 3 old cellars in the Kellergasse with the outside world and thus becomes a place where we celebrate wine and taste. We combine old and new: without air conditioning, the wines can be vinified and rested in the cellar in the traditional way at a constant 15°. Incidentally, you can watch us at work: The airy new building allows insights into our work and invites you to linger and taste.



Maria Wegscheider

"Open, transparent and with fixed opening hours, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to experience wine with all their senses."

Our roots

Built for the future

The new winery is built sustainably from top to bottom. The green roof ensures greater biodiversity. The cellar was built 8 meters deep in order to provide completely natural cooling. The clay plaster with clay cooling ceiling and the photovoltaic system with storage also contribute to our energy self-sufficiency. And if you would like to see Austria's most modern grape reception, it is best to visit us.




We have learned a lot since converting to organic farming. But we have known since day one that it was the right thing to do.

Our philosophy


We have been cultivating our vineyard organically since 2013. We sow plants in each row to loosen the soil, promote humus formation and ensure greater biodiversity. To protect the precious soil, we combine work steps so that we can use the tractor less often and cultivate the vineyards more gently.



"If you want to keep an eye on the big picture
you also have to look at tiny
small microorganisms."

Christian Gruber

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