The Northern Weinviertel

The rugged charm on the border to the Waldviertel with barren soils and cold nights has something very inviting about it: excellent wine.

The climate

Good extremes

With an average temperature of around 9.5 degrees, Röschitz is one of the coolest wine-growing regions. However, the Pannonian climate also ensures very hot summer days and therefore plenty of thermal variety. It rains very little - and when it does, it is usually in the form of short, powerful summer thunderstorms. The result: an elegant, mineral-spicy, fresh wine style and fruity, complex taste experiences.



Hot summers, cool nights, primary rock soil, little rainfall. Perhaps the best conditions for viticulture. But we are happy to leave that judgment to you.

The floor

Our future

Barren primary rock soils with granite show who has a great influence here: the Manhartsberg as a natural border to the Waldviertel. It is also the geological peculiarities that bring a fine minerality to our wines. Instead of the sandy soils usually found in the Weinviertel, our vines have crystalline primary rock with shallow overlays of loess as precious subsoil, which we pay particular attention to through our organic farming methods.



The cellar lane

Living history

"Da Kölla", as we like to say, has always been more than just a storage room. It was a meeting place where people did business, joked and politicized. These meetings were affectionately known as "Köllastund". It's best to find out for yourself why you should plan more than an hour for this.


Cellar lane

Cellar lanes have a long tradition. We are bringing them into the here and now and opening them up to everyone.

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