The faces behind the taste

We have different tasks and different characters, but a common goal: to make authentic organic wines.

The Family



Ewald Gruber

My grapes and I need one thing above all: time. I follow the development of the wines with excitement - and a lot of patience, because I try to intervene as little as possible. Healthy grapes and clean work are essential for this. Nature does the rest.

Maria Wegscheider

I want to make our winery and viticulture an open and transparent experience for more people. That's why I put my heart and soul into the redesign of our winery. The new building should be an invitation to everyone who loves wine and nature as much as we do.

Christian Gruber

My job is to look after and maintain the biodiversity in our vineyards. I pay particular attention to the sustainable cultivation of our most precious asset: the soil. It plays a particularly important role in organic viticulture and we want to preserve this treasure for future generations.

Three siblings in the 3rd generation carry on with responsibility what has been passed on to them - by the family and nature.

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